Sea transport

Transport i przewóz morskiPrologus Sp zo.o. is a well-known and respected sea shipper. Years of experience, very good relationships with customers, allow us to provide quality sea transport service.

We cooperate with big, middle-size and small companies, that wish to expand their business in other countries, or to introduce new products to their offer. We ensure complete logistics service, we advise and our freight prices are competitive. We provide our services on different routes, from Europe to Africa, to the Middle East, as well as to the countries in Central Asia. We specialise in sea transport to China.

Main services

We arrange shipment of full container loads (FCL) and less than container loads (LCL) for both import and export. We work with conventional and out of gauge cargo, with liners and charters.

What is more we do not only have special fleet, but also appropriate equipment to load and unload. Within this service we take care of:

  • acquisition of Polish and foreign permissions
  • preparation of a route
  • loading and unloading of goods
  • customs clearance

We organise harbour services, as well as document and customs clearance services (phytosanitary and veterinary inspections, Sanepid and WIJHARS) We also provide:

  • warehousing
  • transhipment support
  • consulting in the area of:
    • packaging and stowage of ship loads
    • container pallet loading logistics
  • additional protection from any external factors, including atmospheric conditions
  • storage of products in harbours we cooperate with
  • support in loading, or unloading of goods onto, or out of rail cars
  • All Risks insurance – covering all risks connected with sea transport

Integrated solutions

Despite thousands of kilometres between Europe and Asia, Asian market is one of the most important markets for our sea freight. We transport different kinds of goods for our customers. Within this method of transport we provide:

  • cargo insurance, that allows to significantly decrease losses in case of any damage
  • professional service and coordination of operations for import to a third party
  • probably the lowest risk of damages to the load
  • lower cost of sea transport from China compared to inland, or air forwarding

We operate in the area of Baltic Container Terminal in Gdynia (BCT), Gdańsk (DCT, GTK) and the Cargo Terminal in Szczecin. We cooperate with other European harbours as well.

We invite you to use the sea transport from China and other parts of the world. We guarantee all logistics support, watching over freight payments, assisting in customs clearance and transaction insurance.

We would be happy to answer any enquiries. Please contact us at:

Business experience

We cooperate on a regular basis with reputable ship-owners, what allows us to adjust shipping service that fits best to our customer’s demands, considering both freight charges and delivery time.

Sea transport carried out by our company is a comprehensive service, customised to the expectations and needs of our customers and realised in a configuration, dependent on an Incoterm contract base.

Our team professionalism is verified by our knowledge and technical infrastructure enabling out of gauge cargo transport – freights, which dimensions exceed parameters of normally used containers. We have created and are still expanding our international network of logistics partners, who manage and organise safe freight abroad.

We are experienced in the area of sea transport in the following business lines:

  • automotive
  • industrial products
  • modern technologies and valuable products
  • products of non-standard dimensions
  • fast moving products
  • thermo-sensitive products

Detailed information about the most important services and loads

Container transport

transport kontenerówWe organise sea and ocean full-container shipments, which enable our customers to use the whole container capacity for their goods. It allows to fill the whole available space, as well as to arrange the goods according to its requirements, what may prevent any damages. Under the FCL shipments – Full Container Load – we serve on routes between the biggest world harbours, thanks to this fact our customers can export and import goods from any parts of the globe.

General cargo – LCL

Transport drobnicowySea container shipments carried out by our company cover both Baltic region and further routes between Europe and Asia. Under this service we offer our customers professional LCL transport, which depending on their needs, enables them to rent a smaller or larger part or a container. LCL shipments – Less than Container Load – allow the transport of smaller amounts of products to any harbour, at the same time optimising the transport cost.

Sea transport from China

Transport morski z ChinEconomic expansion of countries of Central Asia caused entrepreneurs from Europe to import any kinds of products more willingly. This import includes clothes, electronic and household devices, but also big machines and vehicles. In response to this constantly growing market, we provide professional sea transport from China, as well as export of our domestic products to China. We ensure capacious containerships with a complete service of FCL and LCL shipments.

Sea freights for oversized cargo

Frachty morskie dla ładunków ponadgabarytowych i ponadnormatywnychThe range of our services does not only cover the transport of standard gauge goods, but also European and global sea shipment of oversized cargo, which because of its construction cannot be divided into parts fitting into typical containers. We cooperate with ship owners who own barges suitable for this type of service. What is more, we also have professional loading and unloading equipment. We also offer attractive sea freights.

Harbour transhipments

Przeładunki portoweWe cooperate with harbour terminals all over the world. We can ensure our customers professional transhipment of LCL transport, bulk cargo, containers and out of gauge cargo, both import and export in between any terminal on the route. We carry out all operations connected with moving the load onto a feeder vessel, ensuring permanent supervision and preparation of all necessary documents. Bulk cargo include most of all coal, ores, cereal and fertilizers.

Harbour storage

Składowanie w portachIf you decide to work with us, you will be able to store your imported or exported products in world’s harbour terminals. It is crucial in case of transhipments, when the cargo waits for feeder vessel. Depending on the cargo size, there is a possibility to store it in a warehouse or outdoors, covered if necessary. Long cooperation with terminals, enable us to ensure competitive warehousing charges and relatively long storage time, with no extra charges.

Customs clearance

Within the range of our services, import, export and transit, we also have customs clearance and fiscal briefings both in Poland and other European and world countries. Acting in the name of our customers, we deliver all business documentation necessary, for the products being controlled, to cross the border, including licenses and shipment allowances. We also represent our customers in contacts with other state departments, such as Sanepid, or Border Veterinary Inspectorate.

Pallet logistics in containers

Products on the way to their destination on a containership have to be appropriately packed and, what is most important, placed on euro-pallets, or industrial pallets. As arranging them in a container is logistically quite difficult, we offer our customers full support of specialists, who will help to load the container for sea transport, in the most effective way. They will advise how many pallets will fit in the container and what is the best way to arrange them, depending on the type of products that are transported.

Loading/unloading of rail cars

If products are delivered to harbour terminals by railway, the range of our service includes unloading and loading of rail cars. In all partner harbours we have equipment, that enable us to move LCL, bulk cargo and oversized loads without any damages and losses. We may use both short distance transport vehicles and special mechanized transport vehicles.

Protecting goods from adverse weather conditions

To provide our customers with a complete service we also secure the products against adverse weather conditions, which is very important in the case of a sea shipment. While transport is being prepared we make sure, it is not exposed to humidity, or water directly, including rain. We also watch out, if the goods are not exposed to low, or high temperatures. We have special isothermal containers for easily putrescent products.

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