Sea container transport

transport kontenerów morskichAs a professional forwarder we do both full truck loads (FTL) and full container loads (FCL) within sea and railway transport services.

Should you choose our services, you will be able to import and export goods into almost any place in the country and the world, using means of transport you consider best.

FTL and FCL mean, that the whole container capacity is at your disposal. As agreed it will reach its destination by sea or land – using railway, or trucks.
Renting the whole container allows you to arrange the products inside, so that all its space is used, or that the products are safely secured from any possible damages, what would not be possible in LCL service.

Sea container transport is carried out by using a ship, or a barge, after the verification that the space for the container is available on its deck. We operate in such a way to minimize the possibility of container „rolling”.

Our services are provided in the following ways:

  • door-to-door;
  • door-to-port/port-to-door;
  • port-to-port.

We mostly ship the following loads:

  • standard
  • powdery
  • requiring appropriate temperature, including frozen foods

Within sea container transport, or using air, or inland means of transport, we also take care of all customs clearance.

We also ensure punctual delivery schedule and highly competitive freight prices. It makes managing the supply chain and optimizing its costs easier.

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