Logistics services

Prologus Sp. z o. o. offers logistics and warehousing services for big enterprises as well as middle-sized and small companies. We offer our customers A-category, modern, high storage warehouses based all over Poland. The foundation of our business is a case basis approach to the customer. All logistics operations are tailored to his needs. We always strive to decrease the cost of all participants in logistics process.

We offer full range of warehousing services:

  • storage and warehousing of products
  • handling (unloading/loading)
  • disbanding of heavy and non-standard products
  • binding
  • repackaging
  • foliation
  • promotional sets packing
  • returns management
  • cross – docking
  • consolidation/deconsolidation
  • palletizing/depalletizing

We would be happy to answer any enquiries. Please contact us at: kontakt@prologus.pl


Prologus offers comprehensive logistics in final customer biomass deliveries. We deliver biomass to power stations and electrical power and heating stations all over the country. Using all our logistics potential and experience, we offer the service in harbours and inland terminals, we organise rail transport and hauling. We store and distribute biomass locally.

There are many elements and alternatives during biomass transport. Prologus searches for up to date solutions, depending on the needs and conditions in the supply locations, taking under consideration expectations of the final customer.

We offer:

  • ship loading and unloading
  • customs clearance and shipping service
  • rail cars loading and unloading
  • protection of products from the adverse weather conditions
  • container loading and unloading
  • lorries loading and unloading
  • biomass transport (railway/trucks)
  • storage area
  • harbour storage and biomass organisation

We would be happy to answer any enquiries. Please contact us at: kontakt@prologus.pl