Sea freight forwarder: container forwarding and transport – Prologus

Prologus Sp z o.o. company specializes in comprehensive transport services, both export and import. We provide transport by all available ways: by railway, by lorries, as well as airplanes and ships. Our experience in this business allows us to guarantee the highest level of service, that also includes support in the area of warehousing, unloading, packaging and returns management. Due to its advantages, container transport is in the great interest among our customers.

Each method of transport has its own advantages. Sea transport is very popular. As a sea forwarder with a lot of experience, we can offer competitive pricing.

Sea transport ensures a range of possibilities. Ships are capable of taking big quantities of goods of any size, and the route is usually safe. Inland transport is fast and easy, and a very low factor of airplane accidents makes air the safest method of transport. Contact one of our representatives, they will advise the most beneficial option of importing, or exporting goods.

Container transport from China is recently one of the most popular routes and shipping options chosen by our customers. Our services include, full container loads (FCL) and less than container loads (LCL). We also support our customers in all logistics operations such as: sea freight payment, transaction insurance and customs clearance assistance.